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Every individual has a different body type. Some are bulky others are not. Similarly, every mattress is designed for a specific body type. Lightweight side sleepers might prefer and feel comfortable over a soft mattress. However, a person who weighs more than 200 pounds might feel comfortable on a firm mattress. The preferences are very subjective. But most of the surveys and researches say that overweight people feel comfortable on a firm or medium-firm mattress as they feel supported by the firmness. In the case of soft mattresses, the sleeper might experience back pain due to a curve in the backbone. 

People who are overweight often struggle with finding a suitable mattress for them. And if they side sleepers, then it becomes more complicated to find the right mattress for them. Side sleepers often complain about having shoulder or hip pain because of all the weight that falls on the high points of the body. If you are struggling with all these things, then visit to get clarity about the market. According to surveys, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when buying a mattress for a heavy side sleeper. 

Design of the mattress: 

As said earlier, the preference is very subjective. This guide is based on the majority of surveys. And according to the surveys, overweight people feel relaxed on innerspring sleeping mattresses. These mattresses give bounciness and firmness, which helps the heavy sleeper to sleep peacefully and prevents shoulder or hip pain. The drawback of innerspring mattresses is that they are not motion isolated. So if you sleep with your partner, then they might get disturbed in their sleep. This is the only drawback of an innerspring mattress. But if you sleep alone, then this shouldn’t bother you. 


The firmness of the mattress is just as necessary as the design of the mattress. Some sleepers prefer sleeping on a soft mattress, but the majority of them prefer medium-firmness or a really firm sleeping mattress. The reason behind this is that the firmness supports the natural curve of the back, which eventually prevents back pain. The firm mattress keeps the backbone aligned and doesn’t let the posture get uneven. 

Pressure relief: 

If you are a heavy side sleeper, then there is a high chance that you experience body aches. That is because the weight of the whole body falls on one side, especially the shoulders and hips. In some cases, people complain about neck aches as well. Companies design special medicated mattresses for people who experience body aches. These mattresses push the pressure points and help the body muscles to relax. One great thing about these medicated mattresses is that they make the body feel really lightweight, which reduces the pressure from the shoulder and hips. 


The preferences may vary from person to person. This guide is made on a general assumption. So it is wise to choose the mattress that has a few weeks’ trial policy. When the person sleeps on the mattress, then they get a better idea about the mattress.